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Safety & Personal Protection

Practicing Safety on a job site is the most important thing you must do when working. Every job has some level of danger to it and people must always be careful when working. It benefits everyone involved to just take those extra couple of seconds to make sure you are safe and ready to go. That especially applies in any type of roofing or construction projects. As we all know, sometimes humans plus big scary equipment can equal disaster. Some of us get lazy and try to just get through a project without getting the proper materials because you have to go to so many different places to find it. That’s why at InTech Equipment and Supply we try to put everything under one website’s roof so to speak.

When working in spray foam, roofing, and other related fields safety should be a top priority. Planning ahead with your safety equipment purchases could save the life of you or one of your crew members. At Intech Equipment & Supply we offer everything you need to be safe on your job site. We offer a wide range of respirators, lanyards, coveralls, face protection, hearing protection, and replaceable cartridges. We offer some of the top manufacturers in the Safety and Protection Industry because they have shown to be leaders in the safety industry. Use the categories below to view the different safety equipment we have to offer. We are always changing and adding product so if you can’t find something you are looking for contact us now for assistance. Everything you need is just a click away. And please, even if you choose not to purchase from us, make sure you do find the proper safety equipment somewhere so that when you are working with that heavy machinery, you don’t hurt yourself or someone else.

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