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Intech Foam/Polyurea Rigs

At InTech Equipment and Supply we firmly believe in making sure the job is done right. That is why we custom build rigs stocked with the proper equipment that you will need.  From Froth Packs to Sprayers, and Equipment Packages to Trailer Rigs, we have the tools and the experience needed and we stand by our products 100%. Our equipment packages are made specifically to increase productivity and maximize yields. The fully self-contained foam kits are ideal for quick touch ups and repairs. And we have built hundreds of Mobile Spray Rigs for Commercial Roofing and Insulation Contractors worldwide. Here are some of the great packages we can offer whenever you need to get that new project off the ground or and old project needs new equipment:

     Equipment Packages

     Froth Packs


     Trailer Rigs

These are all top of the line and ready to take on the job at hand. We at Intech Equipment & Supply manufacture a full line of mobile spray rigs designed to our custom specifications. We offer the reliability of new equipment, paired with great cost savings because we manufacture in-house. We offer equipment packages that you can install in your own vehicle, or we can provide a new truck or trailer for the installation. We stand behind our work after the sale is completed by offering full maintenance and troubleshooting on our mobile spray rigs, equipment packages, or equipment you already own. Need equipment training to get you up to speed on your new equipment, or need the rig delivered to your location? We include two days of equipment training and deliver anywhere in the Continental United States. It is just another way we here at InTech Equipment and Supply try to ensure our customers get the best product they need every time they choose us. Contact us now for more information or to receive a quote.