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    EVA Respirator at Intech Equipment and Supply

    Powered Air-Purifying Respirator or (PAPR) technology is designed to provide constant air flow in a sleek, balanced and compact design for added customer comfort. Bullard’s EVA (Evolutionary Air) is on the cutting age for PAPR technology and was designed by Bullard from the input of its users and industry experts operating in the field. Combining function and comfort, the EVA respirator system gives the best in safety and results.

    It is lightweight, and ergonomic which makes the PAPR evenly balanced to provide the most comfort to the wearer. EVA is always monitoring the workers need for more or less air with its innovative Active Flow Technology. The technology is continuously working to maintain constant air flow no matter what type of filter, the type of hood or other impacting variables.

    EVA is NIOSH approved and can be used with Bullard DuPont™ Tychem® hoods, Bullard GRH grinding hood and Spectrum® Series full face piece respirator masks. The 1,000 Air Protection Factor (APF) is supported by two alarms that are distinct and alert the user of both a low battery or a low air flow, and alert directly through the tube into the user’s ear. This three piece respirator combines an EVA blower assembly, breathing tube, and respirator hood or face piece.

    There is no need to worry about how much time you have left on the battery because the EVA comes with an easy to check fuel gauge that lets the user check its status quickly. Other distinct characteristics of the EVA system setting it apart from comparable respirators include the longer lasting brushless 10,000 hour motor, the easy to install filter, the filter install indicator and the comfortable contoured belt.

    Use the EVA respirator for a wide variety of industry applications, including pharma, healthcare, paint, lab work and for coatings or grinding. Mix and match the three piece kit to fit your typical applications today with Intech Equipment and Supply.

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