Graco GX-7a Spray Guns for Spray Foam Applications

The Graco GX-7a line of spray guns are an ideal choice for both residential and commercial spray foam applications. Choosing the spray gun that is going to work best for your application and job site needs can be a challenging task- but by combine our experience with the industry’s best brand- you’ll receive trusted and lasting performance that you can count on. Graco spray guns have established a great reputation with the spray foam industry over the years, and can be easily maintained for years of valuable service. Originally a Gusmer model of spray gun, the GX-7 acquisition by Graco has only improved the performance, and the expectations.
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    Graco’s GX-7a series consists of plural-component, mechanical purge line of spray guns. The features of the GX-7a line vary depending on the model, but are all centralized around the design for easy spray pattern control and great mixing resulting from a unique internal impingement design. Easy to clean air filters and adjustable air caps help maximize productivity while also helping to minimize down time.

    The Graco GX-7a series of spray guns can be used in a variety of environments with multiple materials. Polyurethane, Spray foam, elastomeric coatings, polurea and plural component coatings can all be applied with the use of the Graco Gx-7a line. The most common industries that these guns are put to work in are residential building for insulation, roofing and also concrete coatings.

    With Intech, you can build a complete system with one-stop shopping and great advice, choose a proportioner, heated hoses, whip hose, your gun and pump- and get back into the field faster, with the reliability of a brand that stands behind their product- and a supplier that can provide you with advice, parts, service and support every single step of the way.

    Contact our professionals for additional spray foam equipment information, including Graco product recommendations and parts and service inquiries, to ensure that you receive the best product, for the best price. Our extensive resources and experience can be put to work for you, anytime you need.

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