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Gusmer FF-1600 Pneumatic Sprayer

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gusmer ff1600 foam sprayer


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Technical data: maximum output 16 lb/min; max rated pressure 1600 psi; viscosity 250-1500 cps; air requirement 26 CRM @ 100 psi; electrical 40a @ 1 x 220 50/60 Hz, 25a @ 3 x 380 50/60 Hz; weight 140 lb; dimensions H=24 in / W=26 in / D=30 in


FF-1600 Standard Features

Designed and constructed to meet U.S. National Electric Code Standards.

Air Motor
A 5" (13 cm) double acting cylinder, with self-actuating control, alternates the supply of air to each end of the cylinder to drive the metering pumps. A solenoid operated air valve operates in conjunction with quick exhaust valves to accelerate the reversing cycle. Rated operating pressure is variable from 50 to 100 psi. Air pressure to hydraulic pressure ratio is 16:1. An electric stroke counter enables operator to keep accurate records of materials used, and to compute chemical yield.

Metering Pump
The FF-1600 is equipped with fixed ratio, positive displacement, double acting piston pumps. Chevron Teflon packings are combined with hard chrome plated piston rods and cylinder walls to provide the most reliable pumping system available. An internal piston packing set has a self-adjusting take-up. Over-pressure safety switches on each pump deactivate the air motor should safe pressure limits be exceeded.

Cam Follower Guide Connecting Yoke
Eliminates asymmetrical forces and increases pump packing life by assuring proper alignment and balance between air cylinder and pumps.

Pump Retract
Automatically positions the pump shaft completely within the cylinder during shutdown to provide longer pump packing life.

Externally Accessible Valve Balls
Innovative design incorporates readily serviceable valve balls and removable ball seats without pump disassembly.

Quick Exhaust Valves
Specially designed exhaust valves accelerate the reversing cycle of the air cylinder to maximize pressure stability.

Completely Mobile
The lightweight, compact design of the FF-1600 allows for simple mobility around your plant and to the jobsite. The base plate is designed to be easily fork lifted or skid mounted to facilitate on-site transportation and maneuvering.

In-Line Filter Screens
Protects valve balls and gun components from fouling due to unwanted dirt and particles in the system.

Dual Air Regulation
Provides equal pressure on both the up and down stroke to eliminate pattern fluctuations at the gun.

Heated Hose
Proven safe and reliable GUSMER LOW VOLTAGE Hose Heating System.

Primary Heater
Controls material viscosities and process temperatures.

Hose Power Pack
Provides operating power to the hose heating system. Isolation design separates the low voltage system for operator protection.



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