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graco roof rigs coating spray pump

Graco's Roof Rigs line of pumps contains a wide range of spray equipment just for roofers. With pumps for primers, acrylics, aluminum emulsions, asphalt, elastomerics, and more, you're sure to find exactly the spray equipment you need.

List prices given are for the pump only. We can also provide spray guns, hose, and any other accessories you need, and we have various discount programs depending on your package needs. If you'd like more information, please get in touch with our Graco spray equipment experts via email or by calling 602-257-0720.

Need parts for your Graco spray equipment? We've got you covered with fast, professional parts service and nationwide shipping, and we also offer discount programs for large orders and regular customers. Many Graco parts diagrams are even available via email for error-free parts selection. Contact us today for details.

Special Offer, Great Price!
GH733, #231733, demo pump, sprayed once
Like new condition, full warranty, call for pricing


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Graco Roof Rigs
Call 602-257-0720 for pricing

Part Number Description* Pressure, Flow
232683 GMAX 7900 Sprayer 3300 psi, 2.1 gpm
233660 HydraMax 350 Sprayer** 4000 psi, 3.5 gpm
231733 GH733 Sprayer** 3500 psi, 3.0 gpm
965165 GH1015 Sprayer 1000 psi, 15.0 gpm
965171 GH2075 Sprayer 1800 psi, 7.5 gpm
965168 GH2560 Sprayer 2400 psi, 6.0 gpm
687327 GH3640 Sprayer** 3600 psi, 3.8 gpm
687100 GH5030 Sprayer** 4900 psi, 2.8 gpm
948728 GH1015 Lower 1000 psi, 15.0 gpm
948734 GH2075 Lower 1800 psi, 7.5 gpm
948731 GH2560 Lower 2400 psi, 6.0 gpm
687329 GH3640 Lower** 3600 psi, 3.8 gpm
570183 GH5030 Lower** 4900 psi, 2.8 gpm

*GMAX 7900 is complete, all other units are bare. **With new XTREME pump lower.

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