Choosing the Best PMC Proportioner for You

Choosing the Best PMC Proportioner for YouProportioners are critical pieces of equipment for contractors, builders and other professionals who handle the application of sprayed materials such as spray foam insulation and coatings. These machines allow you to prepare and apply the materials in a quick, clean and efficient way.

As with many other types of equipment, proportioners come in many different types of styles. Your selection(s) will depend upon a variety of important factors, such as the types of jobs you do, your budget and the specific features you want.

Proportioners run the gamut from basic, simple models to high-tech and sophisticated. Not surprisingly, the more bells and whistles a machine has, the higher the price tends to be. Just as you would with any other major purchase, you will want to take some time first to think about exactly what you need and how you will use it. There is no sense in paying for a bunch of features you will never use, but on the other hand you don’t want to end up with a machine that can’t deliver everything you need.

When shopping for a proportioner, one of the first and most important decisions you will need to make is choosing the manufacturer. PMC (Polyurethane Machinery Corporation) is a leading company that specializes in making equipment to serve the spray foam industry, along with other markets involved sprayed polyurethane applications.

PMC is known for their customer-focused approach, so it will come as no surprise that they pride themselves in providing the highest level of customer service. They also strive to continuously develop the best and most innovative products, which are often created with a great deal of input from customers who actually use the products in the field.

PMC offers several lines of proportioners. Their PH Series is the more classic line, offering the same heating and pumping systems as their initial models but with some additional console enhancements. This series is recommended for jobs ranging from smaller residential applications to larger jobs such as roofing, commercial insulation or the application of performance coatings for tanks or secondary containment. Most contractors will be able to find a machine that’s perfect for them among the options in this line. There are machines that are specifically designed for coatings applications, and others that are suited for high-output roofing applications.

The PMCA Series of proportioners is air driven with opposed piston pumps. This series isn’t generally the choice of residential contractors, as these machines are ideally suited for in-plant operations such as spa insulations, bed-liner or cavity fill.

The PA Series machines are air driven with vertical piston pumps, and are an excellent economical choice for low-output jobs such as residential insulation.

No matter which PMC proportioner you choose, you can count on the durability and quality craftsmanship the company prides itself on, along with superior service and technical support.

If you need help selecting the PMC proportioner or other spray foam equipment that would best meet your needs, our specialists here at Intech Equipment & Supply would be happy to assist you.