How to Use SB Flex Spray Equipment to Color Asphalt

Adding a protecting colored coating to asphalt is gaining in popularity due to its unique ability to protect, beautify and cool asphalt.   You have probably seen it and mistaken it for bricks or cobblestones at a crosswalk.   In fact, what you have seen is asphalt that has been super-heated and stamped like a branding iron or a waffle iron to make the patterns in the asphalt.   The asphalt is then coated with a durable high tech coating.    The result is an upscale looking surface that is cooler than asphalt.

Colored asphalt is used for parking lots, community areas, schools, playgrounds, crosswalks, cycle lanes, driveways, and sport courts, to name a few.   The protective coating that is applied over the asphalt has been used in commercial roofing applications for decades.   The formulation has been modified to perform on asphalt and pavement surfaces.    Much like a roof coating, a maintenance coating can be applied after a period of time to renew the surface and in some cases renew the warranty.

Are there warranties on asphalt coatings?   Until recently, that was unheard of.  Typically, an asphalt surface is coated with a slurry sealcoat made out of a watered down oil or coal tar.   Depending on the traffic the area gets, most surfaces are supposed to be resealed every year.   If not, the slurry seal wears away, and the asphalt is exposed to the elements.   This will cause the surface to wear out much faster and cracks, ruts, and potholes will start to surface.

Enter StreetBond Coated Asphalt materials.   The product has been around for years, but a recent acquisition by a large multinational coatings company has taken the formulation to new levels.  The flexible elastomeric hybrid coating lasts much longer than sealcoats, it looks better, and it is cooler on the surface.    Contractors mix the multi-component material in 4 gallon kits and load them in a machine that sprays the material onto the surface.   Specialty spray equipment is required to spray the material which is thick and heavy by spray equipment standards.  High production crews consist of 4-6 man crews with one person moving the spray equipment, one sprayer, two broomers, and another for masking or overspray board.











Typical Coated Asphalt Crew using standard spray equipment.

Larger projects have been a challenge because they are labor intensive, with a production limitation of about 12,000 square feet per day.  Large projects are often in high traffic areas that can not be tied up for long periods of time, and need rapid return to service.

StreetBond has a product that can be mixed in 55 gallon drums versus 5 gallon pails.   Mixing in 55 Gallon Drum takes 10 minutes compared to 45 minutes required to mix 12 traditional units.  Intech Equipment & Supply, working with StreetBond, developed a sprayer that can pump out of 55 gallon drums and spray the material at higher flow rates than the current spray equipment on the market.    The SB Flex Sprayer can actually spray much faster than broomers.    High production crews use an electric powered broom that looks like a floor polisher with rotating broom brushes.   It is much easier to handle than a manual push broom, and one man can broom all day long without a problem.  “A 5-6 man crew can be scaled down to a 3-4 man crew while still getting up to 50% increase in productivity using SB Flex and Drums”, says Jacob Dobson, Technical Services for StreetBond products.










SB Flex Sprayer and Rapid Finisher II power broom.

For a 9,000 square foot project with a coverage rate of 150 square foot per unit, it would require 60 units of material.  Mixing out of drums, you will need 5 drums of material and at 10 minutes per drum, your total mixing time is 50 minutes.   That yields your crew a labor savings of almost 3 hours per day.    When you don’t have to stop production to mix more material it allows you to lay down more material.   Crews using the SB Flex have noticed an increase in production of at least 50%.   So, in this example, the same crew could put down 13,500 square feet in one day compared to 9,000 square feet.   In summary, using the SB flex, mixing in drums, the contractor can realize a labor savings of 20% and a production increase of 50%.

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