Common Myths About Used Spray Foam Equipment

Common Myths About Used Spray Foam Equipment Businesses that used spray foam materials for roofing or insulation jobs need a variety of equipment that is essential to their work, but that can also often be expensive. In the interest of saving money, many companies will consider buying used spray foam equipment. This can be a smart move, one that can result in considerable savings, while also allowing you to get the equipment on the job site more quickly.

However, some firms may be hesitant about buying equipment that is not brand new, especially if they do not have any experience with purchasing used construction equipment in the past. This is understandable, as this machinery will serve a crucial function and it is important that it perform well without any issues or breakdowns.

In an effort to help contractors save money and alleviate some of their common worries about buying used spray foam equipment, we wanted to explore a few of the main myths about buying not-quite-new spray foam equipment:

It will be too expensive. The main advantage to buying any type of construction equipment used is that you can generally expect to see big savings. Used spray foam equipment is usually sold at a great reduction as compared to what you would pay for similar equipment brand new. And when you buy this equipment from a well-known, established company, you will likely get the best possible price. We encourage you to browse our inventory of used equipment, noting the prices and comparing those costs with the amounts you would pay for comparable equipment brand new. We suspect you will be pleasantly surprised at just how much money you can save by opting to choose used items.

I can’t find what I need. We are proud to offer a wide selection of used spray foam and roofing equipment that covers just about any category related to this industry. Whether you need an entire job site worth of equipment or just a few specific items, it is likely that you will be able to find exactly what you need. When you buy used, you may also be able to locate some items that are no longer available in stores or those that can be difficult to find. This is also helpful if you want items that will complement or match some existing equipment you already have.

Shopping and ordering will be a hassle. There’s no need to worry about trying to find a dealer close to your business that has used equipment for sale. Our easy and convenient online ordering system allows you to quickly find what you need and complete your purchase with no hassles. Your order will then be processed and shipped immediately so you can begin using these materials right away. We aim to make the entire process stress-free, and will do everything in our power to ensure your shopping experience is a positive one.

These won’t be brands I recognize. When you browse through our inventory of used spray foam equipment, it won’t take long for you to see a long list of name brands you know and trust. These aren’t no-name discount lines. You can find well-established, reputable brands that are respected for their high standards of quality. This helps you trust that this equipment will be durable enough to stand up to the conditions at your job sites. With the high standards of these top brands, even equipment that has already been used can still have quite a long lifespan remaining.

Condition will be of concern. One of the most common fears about used construction equipment is that it will be broken and not in good working condition. Buying used equipment as-is can require a huge leap of faith, but we can put your mind at ease. We inspect all of our used equipment before it’s sold and include all information in descriptions – so you know exactly what you’re buying. Frequently, the equipment we sell in our used equipment department is in very good condition, and sometimes it is barely used. Conditions can vary and the equipment likely will have some signs of wear. But we carefully review each item to ensure it will deliver the performance you need. We also stand behind everything we sell, and offer repairs and replacement parts should you ever need them.

If you would like to learn more about the used spray foam equipment or roofing supplies we can provide for your business, contact us for information. Have some used equipment you would like to sell? We would be happy to discuss that with you, as well. Intech Equipment & Supply is your top source for high-quality roofing equipment and spray foam materials from all of the leading brands.