Contractors Rely on Hennes-Johnson Spray Equipment

Contractors Rely on Hennes-Johnson Spray Equipment Roofing contractors who are looking for durable equipment that won’t let them down can rest easy if they choose Hennes-Johnson roofing equipment.

Hennes-Johnson is a respected and trusted manufacturer of spray foam application equipment for roofing projects. They are known for delivering high-quality, technologically advanced equipment that contactors can rely upon to get the job done right, as quickly and efficiently as possible. They also have proven a strong dedication to ensuring maximum safety while allowing contractors to achieve peak efficient and deliver results that impress customers.

The company specifically focuses on items that support cold process roofing applications, which of course play a large role in the general residential and commercial roofing industries. Their extensive and diverse product lines include sprayers, heating systems, trailer rigs and drum mixers, plus a wide assortment of service and packing kits, replacements parts and more.

Hennes-Johnson covers cold adhesives that are asphalt based, as well as EPDM roofing specialties and acrylics. In addition, they also offer items designed for use with silicone, restaurant, caulk and sealants and primers.

Intech Equipment & Supply has a wide inventory of Hennes-Johnson products, and as always you can take advantage of our easy and efficient online ordering system. Of course, if you have questions, one of our service specialists would be glad to assist you.