Graco Equipment Constantly Strives for Innovation

Graco Equipment Strives for InnovationGraco may be one of the most well-known and well-established manufacturer of spray guns and fluid handling equipment, and they already have an impressive  line of terrific products that are commonly spotted on job sites across the country. But that doesn’t stop the company from constantly working to develop new and even better equipment to serve their customers’ needs. The development and design teams at Graco are always hard at work doing research and testing to pinpoint specific pain points and challenges faced by those in the insulation and building industries—and then brainstorming ways their existing products or new additions to their lines can solve those issues.

Many of the recent product-related developments are a result of feedback and suggestions received from the company’s many loyal fans, who provide valuable input about how the equipment works in the field during actual on-the-job situations.

The company’s new airless handheld sprayer has a cool feature that will likely be very popular: the ability to spray in any direction (even when held upside down), making it a lifesaver when applying substances in small areas or hard-to-reach spaces. The TrueCoat® 360 is a high-pressure sprayer designed especially for residential projects  If you are spraying a protective fire barrier coating over your spray foam insulation products, you might consider giving the TrueCoat 360 a try.

Graco calls it “the easiest and most versatile handheld sprayer for painting and staining projects in and around the home.” Among the notable features of this spray gun is the innovative FlexLiner™ paint bag system that replaces the conventional material cup and suction tube. This FlexLiner system allows for fast and easy cleanup, since you just need to dispose of the bag after use and rinse out the sprayer. Dual-speed control also allows for precise material delivery and less overspray, which means less mess and reduced waste.

This was just the latest in a continuous series of new developments and product launches to be announced by Graco. This summer, they unveiled their new E-Flo® DC (Dual Control) electric supply pump ideally suited for high pressure applications. That pump features an energy efficient electric brushless DC motor that stalls under pressure and changes speeds to maintain constant fluid pressure, similar to a pneumatic air motor.

While Graco products are among the most durable and reliable on the market, even the best products occasionally need repair or have parts that wear down. Fortunately, we offer comprehensive repair services and a complete line of replacement parts. In addition, our professional staff members have the expertise that allows them to frequently troubleshoot problems and walk you through solutions from a distance.

To learn more about our Graco products, accessories or replacement parts—or to check out our vast inventory of spray foam equipment and roofing materials, visit our online store at Intech Equipment & Supply.