Green Home in Epcot May Use Roof Coating Machines

Green Home in Epcot May Use Roof Coating MachinesGreen Builder Media wants to bring attention to energy-saving building tactics. To help achieve that goal, they created the VISION House Series, which involves demonstration homes built in assorted locations across the country to showcase the latest tools and tactics for green design and building for residential properties.

One of the most high-profile locations in the series is the Green Builder Media’s VISION House exhibit at INNOVENTIONS in Epcot® at the Walt Disney World® Resort. The VISION house at Epcot® actually opened two years ago, but has been continuously upgraded since that time, to spotlight the latest and most innovative green building products and features.

Among the most recent upgrades was the addition of spray polyurethane foam insulation to the walls, roof and entry points. This helped the structure achieve net zero energy status, meaning it produces as much energy as it uses. In this case, the building actually goes one step further and produces more energy than it consumes.

The VISION House also takes advantage of a number of other green building tactics, such as the use of energy-efficient doors and windows, and LED lighting.

To create and maintain this amazing green home, a variety of building and spray foam insulation equipment would have been required. It’s possible this could have included the use of roof coating machines, which allow roofing materials to be applied quickly, evenly and efficiently.

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