Risks of Buying Spray Foam Rigs from Unknown Sellers

Spray Foam RigA spray foam rig is a major investment, one that most businesses don’t take lightly. Especially for smaller operations, the expense of buying a spray foam rig can be a large chunk of the budget. This isn’t surprising, considering a spray foam rig is likely the largest (and perhaps most important) piece of equipment many businesses will buy, especially if spray foam installation is the main focus of their work.

So it is understandable that a business in need of a spray foam rig may try to save money in any way they can. This is why it may be so tempting to buy a rig that is listed on an online auction site or classified ad. The ads will often tout what a bargain the price is, and make it seem nearly impossible to resist.

The great deals offered by some of these online sellers may be hard to believe. But remember the old saying about things that look too good to be true.

When you buy a spray foam rig—or anything else for that matter—from a random seller that you don’t know, you are taking a risk. You have no way of knowing if everything the seller claims about the rig and its condition are true. It is common for online sellers to neglect to mention any repairs, broken or missing parts or other issues that could cause problems for a buyer. Even if the seller is trying to be totally honest, they may not be knowledgeable enough about the rig to be aware of issues that could be relevant. Not to mention, a seller likely won’t offer any sort of guarantee or follow-up maintenance services.

On the other hand, when you buy your spray foam rig from Intech Equipment & Supply, you can rest assured that everything will perform at the highest level, meeting and exceeding your expectations. We use only the best parts and equipment, so you can rely on the rig to deliver the performance you demand.  We test the equipment to assure that it is performing before our customers take possession.

Since we custom-build each rig to meet the client’s needs, we won’t force you to waste money on features and items you don’t want and won’t use. We can offer you additional savings because we build these rigs in-house. In addition, you can rely on our full service and maintenance program to ensure your rig keeps running at its best.

Don’t take a chance with something so important. Let our professional team at Intech Equipment & Supply build your spray foam rig. And be sure to check out our entire line of spray foam and coatings equipment for any other needs you may have.