Roof Coating Machines Help Save Money

new-roof-300x199A damaged or aging roof can represent a significant expense to the property owner. According to statistics compiled by Angie’s List, the cost to replace a roof can soar to up to $20,000 or more. The average homeowner using their site spent between around $11,000. Obviously, the actual cost of a roofing project of any kind will involve a lot of variables, including the size and pitch of the roof, geographic location and materials used. Also, this is just for a typical residential property. Projects involving larger homes or commercial properties are likely to involve higher costs.

Many property owners seeking a more financially prudent solution to roof repairs are opting for spray foam roofing. In many cases, spray foam can be applied over the existing roofing materials, which can drastically lower the cost of the project.

Even in cases involving more extensive damage that require more of a replacement approach, spray foam roofing is still a smart option because it offers the ultimate in strength and durability. A spray foam roof establishes a solid, waterproof membrane that protects the structure from leaks and other future damage.

These types of roofing projects require contractors with the right expertise and the proper equipment. They can find roof coating machines and other spray foam roofing equipment at Intech Equipment & Supply.