Senator Pushes for Cool Roof Job Bill

Image Courtesy of National Coatings

A federal lawmaker recently introduced a bill that (if passed) would likely increase the demand for and access to products such as spray foam that would help create more energy efficient buildings as a result of their roof surfaces.

U.S. Senator Ben Cardin introduced the bill, known as the Energy-Efficient Cool Roofs Act, to help encourage the creation of jobs related to the roofing and energy-saving building products industries. The bill calls for a shorter depreciation schedule for the installation of certain “cool roofs” that meet insulation and other energy efficiency standards on existing buildings. Other lawmakers have also introduced similar proposed legislation in the House.

According to Senator Cardin’s website, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) determined that the bill would create nearly 40,000 new jobs among roofing contractors and manufacturers; add $1 billion of taxable annual revenue in the construction sector; make the tax code simpler and more equitable for small businesses of all types; reduce U.S. energy consumption and save small businesses millions of dollars in energy costs; and reduce carbon emissions by 800,000 metric tons – an amount equal to the emissions of 153,000 cars.

Spray foam is a popular choice of roofing materials for cool roofs. Its energy efficient properties are well-known, and it is also convenient to apply since it often can be installed over existing roofing materials.

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