Solve Customer Needs with the Right Spray Foam Equipment

For contractors and builders in the home improvement industry, customer satisfaction is a top priority. With the economy and building industry still struggling to recover from the financial crisis, you cannot afford to lose even one current or potential customer. Not to mention, you value your customers and want them to be happy with your work. And of course you also want to protect the good reputation you have worked so hard to earn.

Customers care about quality and reliability. They want to know that you will deliver the results you promise, on time and within budget. That’s what matters to them. They don’t know—and likely don’t particularly want to know—what happens behind the scenes, or what challenges you may face in trying to complete a job as promised.

However, we realize that you do indeed often face challenges in trying to finish jobs for your customers quickly and efficiently. One of the biggest issues is equipment. Jobs such as those involving spray foam insulation and spray foam roofing installation require equipment that you can’t find at your local home improvement store.

If you need new spray foam equipment or want to replace or repair your existing spray foam equipment, you can’t afford to keep customers waiting. You need to be able to get this equipment as soon as possible. In order to keep costs down for your customers, you also must get this equipment at the best price. We can help you achieve both of those goals. Intech Equipment & Supply specializes in servicing the insulation, roofing and building industries and getting you what you need fast.

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