SPF Roofing Application: Before Your Spray!

SPF coating equipmentIt’s no secret that spray foam can be applied quickly to a roof surface, and in a process that is often completed much more quickly than those using alternate materials.

Since it can usually be applied directly over existing roofing surfaces, it can eliminate the need for a full tear-down – which further cuts the time involved. It also typically requires less manpower than necessary for other types of roof repair or installation jobs.

Here is a pre-checklist to consider before moving forward with a SPF roofing application job:

  • Inspection and application. Prior to making a bid or proposal, always inspect the prospective roof deck, existing roof system and flashings. The areas should be clean, dry, and sound and secure.
  • Retrofit or recover roofing. Inspect or test for moisture. Wet materials and insulation must be removed. Inspect for adhesion between membrane, insulation and deck. 
  • Look for a clean and dry surface. 
  • Check for poor drainage 
  • Conduct a moisture survey. Roofs should be evaluated by sampling, infrared moisture survey and visual inspection to ensure your substrate is “dry.” If the roofing system is wet, removal or tear off is required.

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