Spray Coating Equipment for Variety of Uses

Spray Coating Equipment for Variety of Uses

Image courtesy of DAS Products, Inc.

The spray foam and polyurethane landscape has changed and evolved considerably over a relatively short time. Just looking back at the past few years, it seems like there have been constant updates and improvements with regards to spray foam roofing, insulation and coatings. New materials have been introduced, and better versions of existing products have offered benefits in the areas of safety, cost and efficiency. This has been a very exciting time for those in the industry, as well as for the customers they serve. These types of materials are now being used in a widespread fashion in the construction sector, but have also been embraced in other areas such as the automotive industry. The popularity of sprayed insulation and coating materials has been growing tremendously not just in the United States but all around the world.

Ways spray foam can be used

One of the most common uses for spray foam and similar materials is for insulation. Its impressive insulating features make it a great choice for this purpose. Particularly in today’s earth-conscious landscape, the ability to conserve energy to such a great extent (while also enjoying considering savings on utility bills) certainly is very attractive. Many property owners, both individuals and businesses, have made energy efficiency and green building strategies a top priority.

This means that there is a great motivation to explore all of the different ways that spray foam and polyurethane materials can be used in new and creative ways to reduce energy usage.  Currently, the most growth has been in the construction setting, where spray foam is now an increasingly popular choice for insulation, as well as for a roofing application. In a roofing situation, this material not only provides energy efficiency but can also greatly increase the strength and durability of the roof’s surface, which in turn expands its lifespan while also helping to protect the entire structure from rain, wind and other damage.

Spray foam has also been used to create a soundproof environment, or at least to help block out some exterior noise that can be disruptive and annoying. It can also be useful in situations where preventing pollutants or other outside irritants is a concern.

Embraced by many sectors

These materials are being relied upon regularly as a vital part of challenging projects that have continuously increased in size and scope. There have been many high-profile projects recently in which spray foam materials played a vital role. These projects often involve large facilities or structures that present a number of unusual challenges from a building or insulating perspective. Spray foam has been incorporated into many different building or remodeling situations in not just the residential sector, but also in commercial, educational, military and nonprofit projects.

This widespread, across-the-board popularity of spray foam is a testament to its valuable contributions in helping to establish an earth-friendly building movement. It can also be a big help in allowing businesses and property owners to reduce their utility costs, which can in turn have far-reaching benefits by allowing those businesses to use that savings to support other areas, such as hiring more employees.

New and innovative products

As the uses and application methods of spray foam materials have expanded, so too have the products and equipment used to apply these substances. Existing products have gone way beyond the standard, basic models of years ago. Today’s spray foam equipment runs the gamut from basic to full-featured, with many products offering a host of new options designed to make the process more flexible and efficient.

Motorized and robotic spray foam application systems have been springing up with greater frequency, with a number of companies working to develop sophisticated and creative systems in this area. These systems may look cool, but their real appeal is the ability to make the application process more efficient, allowing jobs to be completed more quickly and with minimal waste and reduced labor costs.

All of these developments are great news for contractors who want to be able to use spray foam in a wide range of projects and to achieve many different goals. This is also beneficial for the customers, who want to enjoy the energy-savings benefits spray foam offers in a cost-efficient manner that can also be versatile enough to meet their individual visions.

We find these continuous innovations and improvements in the spray foam equipment industry to be incredibly exciting, especially because it means contractors and other professionals will be able to better serve their customers, while at the same time supporting earth-friendly construction. Intech Equipment & Supply is proud to do our part to help support this trend, by constantly expanding our inventory and always making it a priority to offer the latest and most cutting-edge spray coating equipment and other spray foam insulation and roofing materials. Visit our online store to check out our selection, or contact one of our customer service professionals for helping in selecting the items that best meet your needs.