Spray Foam Guns: Importance of Proper Maintenance

Spray Gun MaintenanceSpray foam guns are an essential piece of equipment for contractors who perform insulation and roofing projects involving spray foam. However, as with any other type of equipment, they only function at their best if they are maintained and cared for properly.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your spray foam gun running efficiently is to keep it clean. Sticking to a regular cleaning routine can help, and there are also cleaning chemicals and lubrication products designed to make the process easier. However, you can also take a proactive approach and protect your spray foam gun from overspray, which will decrease the need for cleaning (and the odds of a clog) in the first place. Try using a gun cover is an easy way to help protect your gun from overspray.

As far as actual maintenance, be sure to read the instruction manual carefully to learn about recommended maintenance procedures and schedules, and follow all of the manufacturer’s advice.

Your choice of gun can also make a big difference. There are a number of gun models—such as the Grace Fusion AP or PMC’S AP-2 —that are specifically designed to increase spraying uptime and reduce the need for frequent maintenance.

Our specialists at Intech Equipment & Supply can recommend the best spray foam gun for you, and recommend preventive maintenance tips to help you keep your spray foam guns runningyou’re your spare parts bill lower.