Spray Foam Prevents Wind Damage to Roof

Low Rise Spray Foam

Image Courtesy of DAS Products Inc.

A home’s roof is exposed to a variety of weather-related challenges and threats, at all times of year. While residents in certain parts of the country tend to worry more about the threat ice and snow pose to their roof, in reality the wind associated with warm season storms can cause significant property damage in many regions.

While hurricanes batter tropical and coastal regions, even areas that aren’t in primary hurricane-prone zones can still experience severe wind and rain that can put a roof at risk.

As noted in a past issue of Spray Foam Insulation & Roofing Magazine, roof deck failure contributes to the many billions of dollars in storm-related damages that have been filed just in the past decade or so. The story notes that roof uplift is the primary threat to an overhanging roof in a high-wind event. A typical roof is very vulnerable to the pressure and strain the force of the wind can exert upon it.

Low rise spray foam adhesive, however, can create a very strong bond that allows it to better resist the pressure of the roof. This protects the roof from wind damage and greatly increases the odds that the roof will survive a storm intact. The article cited tests showing a roof strengthened with spray foam can withstand two to four times the uplift resistance than a roof held together with nails alone.

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