Spray Foam Used in Greenbuild LivingHome

Spray Foam Used in Greenbuild LivingHomeSpray foam has played a vital role in yet another high-profile project that serves as an example of the most cutting-edge and technologically advanced developments in green building.

The Greenbuild LivingHome is a LEED Platinum-certified net-zero modular home created as part of a continuing effort to rehabilitate and revitalize areas of New Orleans that were devastated by Hurricane Katrina. At the same time, the LivingHome is designed to showcase products and construction techniques that can be used in building and maintaining energy efficient homes.

The home was featured on display in October at the 2014 Greenbuild International Conference & Expo in New Orleans, where attendees could take tours of the home and learn about the green building techniques and materials involved in building it. Those who couldn’t attend the Expo in person could still get a glimpse inside the home by taking a virtual tour via the interactive website created by the event sponsors.

The Greenbuild International Conference & Expo is the world’s largest conference and trade show dedicated to green building, and hosts 25,000 attendees and 900 exhibitors from the green building industry.

Created in partnership with LivingHomes®, Make It Right and the Cradle to Cradle® Products Innovation Institute, the home will be permanently placed in the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans after being transported from the Expo location. (Make It Right is a non-profit organization launched in 2007 by actor Brad Pitt, with a mission of constructing homes and buildings for people in need, using the best green building techniques. Initially focused solely on New Orleans, the organization now occasionally also does projects in other parts of the country.)

The LivingHome model home incorporated a wide range of innovative and cutting-edge green building products and materials, including mildew-resistant gypsum board, a drywall product ideal to help withstand the extreme moisture conditions present in that region. This antimicrobial, anti-mildew drywall that can actually capture harmful chemicals or substances that may enter the home.

The home also features windows with hurricane-resistant screen systems, which serve as a more budget-friendly alternative to expensive hurricane-ready window), plus cement lap siding that sheds water. All products and materials used in the project were required to meet certain environmental, design and cost criteria appropriate to the home.

In order to offer additional protection against mold and mildew while also providing excellent insulating benefits, a specially chosen spray foam insulation product will be applied inside the wall cavities once the home is situated in its permanent location. Keeping moisture and the elements out will continue to be a major priority in the home.

In addition to the energy efficiency aspect, Make It Right also requires the homes it builds to provide safe and resilient structures, in light of the devastation the community suffered when so many properties succumbed to the hurricane. This LivingHome—like the others the organization builds—must establish a comfortable, healthy, safe, and adaptable energy efficient environment for its occupants in all seasons, and provide resilient shelter during extreme weather events.

While this particular LivingHome was designed as a showcase model, people can actually order a similar home of their own from LivingHomes. This provides homeowners with the opportunity to contribute toward conservation and earth-friendly building, while also supporting the organization’s mission and enjoying the reduced energy costs that come from this type of energy efficient construction.

A representative from Make It Right has said that the organization’s LEED homes in New Orleans save owners an average of $130 per month in energy costs.

A large variety of building equipment was used in the initial construction of the home, as well as in the ongoing maintenance and the additional upgrades that will be performed when the home is finished in its permanent location. This will include spray foam equipment, such as a polyurea spray machine. This type of equipment can be used for many different types of residential and commercial insulation and roofing projects.

Polyuera spray machines allow contractors and insulation or roofing professionals to complete jobs quickly and efficiently by providing a way to apply a large volume of sprayed materials in a short amount of time. They serve as a critical and valuable part of the equipment arsenal a contractor needs in order to serve their customers.

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