Used Roof Coating Machines Keep a Lid on Utility Costs

Roof Coating Machines It is easy for homeowners to overlook their roof unless an emergency demands attention, but it is smart to make the roof a top priority, especially if the owner wants to cut their utility bills while also avoiding costly damage.

Property owners need to worry about not only their roof, but what’s directly underneath it. The attic and sub-roof areas are important, too, because this whole system works together. In particular, the insulation status of the attic and the areas surrounding it can have a big impact on the roof.

Attic insulation is listed as one of the 3 aggressive ways to cut down your energy bills in this article. As the story notes, if an attic has insufficient insulation (or, worse yet, none at all), energy expenses will literally be going right through the roof. This is a situation that can not only cause energy waste, but can also lead to ice dams, leaks and possible roof damage.

In addition to insulating the spaces contained under the roof, using spray foam coating materials on top of the roof is also extremely effective in making the home more energy efficient.

Intech Equipment & Supply has used roof coating machines as well as a large variety of other types of spray foam and roofing equipment that can help keep wasted energy from going through the roof.