Article Explores Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Article Explores Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation Many property owners may have a vague impression that spray foam insulation can offer some advantages to them, but perhaps don’t know exactly what those benefits may be. To help enlighten homeowners, Clean Crawls recently posted an article reviewing the top seven benefits of spray foam insulation. While these benefits are likely all well known to insulation contractors and other professionals in the industry, it’s a good, concise overview that might be helpful to share with customers.

The article specifically focused on benefits of closed-cell spray foam insulation. Highlights include the fact that it is an excellent insulator, with a high R-value that attests to its ability to create an airtight seal.

In addition, the article stresses the impressive energy savings—and resulting lower utility bills—that property owners often enjoy after choosing spray foam insulation. The excellent moisture barrier that spray foam creates, and the resulting mold-resistant conditions, is also a big plus for property owners.

Clean Crawls is a crawlspace cleanout and insulation installation company serving the Northwest. The company has also produced an ebook discussing the basics of spray foam and the benefits it can offer for property owners.

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