Bad Winter Keeps Insurance Agents and Contractors Busy

This long harsh winter has been harsh and exhausting for many weary homeowners. For those that have suffered property or vehicle damage, it has been especially tiring—and costly. Weather-related damage, such as leaks or other problems with the roof or exterior of the home, can be costly to repair. Many homeowners are fortunate to have insurance coverage that will help pay at least a portion of the costs.

However, there is paperwork and other procedural tasks involved with filing a homeowner insurance claim. And the process may move slowly, as insurance companies and adjusters find themselves swamped with inquiries and claims from frantic homeowners.

Many insurance companies have already started informing customers about the process of filing weather-related claims, preparing them for the possibility that they may face that situation even if they haven’t actually noticed any major damage yet. Allstate even issued a list of tips for people who may need to file a claim.

Insurance companies may be swamped, but so will be many contractors who live in weather-beaten areas. Homeowners who need repairs should contact a contractor quickly, so as to avoid getting caught in a backlog. And contractors who need spray foam equipment or roofing materials to service those customers can find everything they need at Intech Equipment & Supply.