Certification Important for Spray Foam Crews

Spray foam can offer many important benefits to property owners, primarily related to greater energy efficiency and reduced energy costs. However, there are of course some occasional negative experiences. As with any other type of building or home improvement material, the results are often only as good as the skill level of the person who installed it.

When problems do occur with spray foam installation, it can often be traced back to lack of adequate training on the part of the installation crew. Contractors can reassure their customers that they are getting the best possible service and their installation is being performed by highly qualified professionals—and can offer proof of this by showing that their staff members are trained and certified.

The SPFA (Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance) offers the only professional certification program of its kind in the country. There are two tracks—one for insulation and one for roofing. Intech Equipment & Supply actually assisted with the field exams for these programs at the Spray Foam Convention & Expo in Palm Springs in January.

Contractors who have their crew members fully trained and certified can then ensure they are ready to serve customers by providing them with the best equipment to handle these jobs. Intech Equipment & Supply can help by offering you a wide variety of spray foam equipment that we can get to you quickly and at the right price.