Coating Sprayers Used for First Passive House in China

Coating Sprayers

Image courtesy of National Coatings

China’s Yangtze River Delta Region recently welcomed its first passive house, which was cause for celebration. A passive house is one in which the home uses very little energy from an active heat or power source. The structure is airtight and well-insulated, so energy is captured inside the home and outside air can’t enter via drafts or leaks. Heat comes mainly from solar sources, internal gains and other processes that don’t consume natural resources.

Obviously, any region would encourage the development of passive homes, which reduces the local drain on resources and energy consumption. Landsea Group constructed the home at its Green Building Research and Development Center in Changxing, Zhejiang Province. Energy efficiency is an important priority in China, so it is likely that other communities will try and follow this example.

One of the main features that helps this and other passive houses achieve such energy efficiency is the use of spray foam insulation and coatings. This helps keeps the building nearly airtight which greatly reduces energy usage.

This project surely required an assortment of spray foam equipment, which likely included coating sprayers. These sprayers allow contractors to apply a range of materials quickly and evenly.

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