Cut Utility Bills with Foam Insulation Spray

Countless property owners across the country are probably spending a lot of money on wasted energy, and they likely do not even realize it.

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory performed studies which found that traditional loose-fill fiberglass insulation can allow significant heat loss—in some cases, up to 50 percent heat losses. Since this material was for many years one of the leading choices for attic insulation in particular, that means many properties across the country may be experiencing extreme levels of heat loss. That translates to a lot of wasted energy, and wasted money.

The good news is, there is a solution that can end this waste of energy and result in immediate and noticeable reduction in utility bills. Replacing or upgrading insulation using spray foam materials can dramatically improve energy efficiency. Spray foam is also a convenient and effective choice because it can be applied in tight spaces, and expands in crevices to form a strong, complete layer of insulating protection. This prevents and eliminates the gaps and drafts that can often cause considerable energy loss.

Spray foam insulation and roofing materials are becoming a top choice among property owners, as their reputation for impressive energy savings becomes well known.

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