Don’t Just Suffer with Chills and Drafts

In this harsh winter environment, many people seem to think they have no choice but to live with a chilly home. They may live with it by wearing lots of layers (even while inside their home) or seeking refuge under blankets.

But this isn’t something they have to endure. Just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean it should be frigid inside, as well. Those indoor chills are a sign that your home has drafts which are letting in the cold air from outside. In warmer weather climates, these drafts let in stifling hot air. Either way, it isn’t very pleasant.

This can make for a very uncomfortable living environment, especially if the drafts cause the temperatures to fluctuate wildly throughout various parts of the home (so you may be freezing in one part of the room while other household members are sweating in a spot not far away).

These drafts aren’t just uncomfortable, they can also be very expensive. As the air is coming in, your indoor air is going out—taking with it the utilities you are using to try and making the indoor air comfortable.  In other words, the money you are spending on energy costs is literally going right out the window. Plus, in an effort to try and overcome the drafts, you likely turn your thermostat or air conditioner up, thus further increasing your utility bills.

Fortunately, there is something that property owners can do about drafts. As this article notes, insulation is the key to making the house more comfortable while at the same time reducing energy bills. And of course spray foam insulation and coatings can be a great choice to protect your home from drafts and the elements.

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