Earth and Energy Important Priorities for Builders

There is an increasing trend among homeowners to favor smaller homes, for several reasons. One big motivator for this downsizing is an interest in protecting the earth, accompanied by a concern about preserving natural resources (and saving money) by cutting energy usage.

This article illustrates the decline in average home size—and at the same time, the difference in energy costs for a larger home as compared to a smaller one. It’s immediately obvious that there’s a lot of motivation for people to keep their home’s size modest and more affordable.

Needless to say, homeowners’ priorities become builders’ priorities. Builders can benefit from offering their customers options that fit with their goal of reducing energy costs. One way to do that: promoting the use of energy-saving building materials and construction tactics. The use of spray foam insulation and coating is one great option. This type of insulation can help dramatically reduce energy costs, while also making the home more comfortable and reducing leaks and drafts.

We make it easy for contractors and construction firms to offer this option to customers, because we can provide all of the equipment and supplies needed to perform these types of jobs. Contact us to discuss your spray foam equipment needs.