Ebook Informs Consumers About Insulating Spray Foam

Spray foam ebookThere have been a lot of myths, misconceptions and just plain inaccurate or outdated information related to spray foam, so it is understandable that some property owners have questions or concerns on the topic. Contractors, builders and others in the industry may not be able to spend a lot of time educating and informing customers and the general public on the true facts about spray foam.

Fortunately, they now have a resource that can help. A handy new free ebook (which can easily be downloaded online) addresses common questions and concerns regarding insulating spray foam. The ebook is produced by Clean Crawls, a crawl space and attic cleaning and insulation company.

The company says the ebook explains that the materials found in spray foam insulation are already likely present in the home, and emphasizes that spray foam is a very environmentally friendly option for homeowners and builders.

The ebook also compares spray foam to other types of insulation and offers candid discussions about its benefits and common health concerns homeowners may have.

Contractors and builders can use this ebook as a resource to assist customers who may be considering the various insulation options for their properties.

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