Educating Customers About Roofing Options

roofing materialsIf someone contacts a contractor about repairing or replacing their roof, it’s mostly because some serious issue has cropped up related to the roof’s safety or integrity. Often, a sudden leak has made it evident that the roof has some problems. Or perhaps a bad storm or other disaster has inflicted serious, obvious damage on the roof.

Whatever may have prompted the call, the property owner now needs a new or upgraded roof. However, they may not know exactly what type of roof they need, or what changes and improvements they would want to make. They may look to the roofing contractor for guidance and suggestions as to the best options for their needs and budget.

This is a great opportunity for the contractor to explain the various options of roofing materials, and share details about the pros and cons of each choice. In the case of spray foam, it would be helpful to stress the fact that it is often easier to apply than other materials—meaning the job can be completed more quickly. But of course the most attractive feature of spray foam as a roofing material is the energy savings it can help a property owner realize, by keeping heating and cooling costs down. Not to mention, the strong monolithic membrane it creates that adds structural strength and serves as an air and vapor barrier.

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