Energy Efficiency Has National and Global Importance

Energy efficiency is not just an important issue to individual property owners. It also has serious national and global implications. In the United States, energy usage has a major impact on the national economy—as well as on our relationships with (and dependency on) other countries.

As this report from McKinsey & Company notes, research indicates that the U.S. could cut annual energy consumption by 23 percent by employing a variety of energy efficiency measures.

Using insulation materials such as spray foam (with its attractive insulating values) is a huge step in achieving better energy efficiency—and of course the widespread use of these materials by a community or region can help contribute toward a national trend, and boost the benefits to the whole country.

Better insulation provides utilities with delayed cost of capacity to serve peak energy demands, while also reducing individual operating costs. In addition, improved insulation conditions reduce energy usage, allowing energy resources to last longer and be used more conservatively.

Decreased energy demand also reduces U.S. dependency on foreign oil, while the improved U.S. economic efficiency and the increased disposable income provide an economic stimulus.

As part of a larger effort towards increased energy efficiency, the use of these materials can assist in creating a $500 billion economic impact for this country.

The best part is, property owners can help achieve these national goals while also enjoying some direct benefits that make a difference in their household budgets. One of the biggest perks for those who choose spray foam insulation is the potential for lower energy bills (and a more comfortable living environment).

Intech Equipment & Supply has all of the supplies that contractors need in order to install spray foam insulation and coating for their customers—allowing them to do their part to contribute to this national effort.