Foam Equipment Plays Vital Role in Weatherproofing

Foam Equipment Plays Vital Role in Weatherproofing People in many parts of the country are currently experiencing yet another winter of harsh, unrelenting and often unpredictable weather. While some regions have been hit worse than others, just about everyone has had to deal with at least a few bouts of nasty weather this season—and of course there is still a long way to go until spring.

For some unlucky property owners, the severe weather has made it clear that their properties aren’t well equipped to stand up to Mother Nature. Leaks, drafts, damage and other issues often occur as a result of winter storms. For those with properties that haven’t fared well this winter, it now may be impossible to deny that additional weatherproofing measures are needed to keep the home or building (and everyone in it) protected from the elements.

While it may be too late at this point to scramble in time to make changes for this winter, this is a great time for property owners to get a jumpstart on considering the changes or improvements they can make to get their homes prepared for the next winter season. (And of course weatherproofing isn’t just for winter—changes can be made that also make the property more comfortable and energy-efficient in summer or any other time of year.)

Spray foam is a valuable resource in making properties stronger and better able to resist the elements, while also making the interior space more comfortable. Its insulating properties are legendary, and by preventing leaks and drafts, it can help keep the interior temperatures consistent and comfortable. An added benefit is the considerable reduction in energy usage, which allows the property owner to enjoy significant savings on their utility bills.

Contractors can help their customers weatherproof their properties by installing spray foam insulation and coatings inside the structure, and also by applying spray foam roofing materials to reinforce and protect the roof surface.

These types of projects require specific tools and equipment designed with spray foam insulation and roofing projects in mind. Fortunately, we have got you covered. Intech Equipment & Supply has a huge inventory of any type of spray foam equipment contractors may need to complete weatherproofing jobs for their customers.