Foam Insulation Equipment: Tips for Use and Maintenance

2For most Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation and roofing  contractors, foam insulation equipment serves as the backbone of their work. In fact, the foam insulation equipment is vital to efficient and successful operations and because of that, it is important to perform regular maintenance.

Here are some tips for foam insulation equipment use and maintenance:

  • Clean your proportioner inlet strainers weekly, or as needed. Check that the A side pump lubricant circulates properly through the lube pump. We also suggest changing the fluid when it turns milky white or dark, or when it starts to thicken. The grease must flow around the A side pump rod to avoid impairment to the pump rod and upper packings.


  • Transfer System. Check your drum top dryers for spent substances and replace if necessary. If you have return valves, open them, allowing each pump to run material through the system and back to the drums. We urge spray foam insulation contractors to make this a daily habit. When an issue arises, you will likely hear it earlier in the day. Be sure to address the issue before it impacts your product.


  • Spray Gun. Before opening any of the fluid shut-off valves, check that your spray foam gun is operating properly. You should also check the gun end for misting when you open the fluid shut off valves. Gun screens must be clean weekly; otherwise, a dirty spray foam gun screen can cause high pressure on that side and lead to off ratio material. We also suggest greasing your spray foam gun daily at shut down, especially if recommended by the manufacturer. Finally, never over grease.


  • Generator. Before starting your generator, make sure to check the oil level and the coolant level each morning. Start it with no load applied to it, allowing the machine to warm up before applying a load to it. Always remove all loads and allow your generator to cool down with no load before turning it off for the day.

For more maintenance tips and pointers regarding your foam insulation equipment, or to buy foam insulation equipment, visit our online store or contact us today.