Formula for Recouping the Cost of Insulation

One of the biggest advantages of additional or improved insulation in a home or building is the possibility of reduced energy bills. This is how, in many cases, the insulation can eventually “pay for itself” in the form of utility savings over time.

But many of us (especially those who tend to be somewhat impatient) may be eager to know exactly how long it will take to recoup the cost of this insulation investment. While there’s no way to predict exactly, a formula from the U.S. Department of Energy can help.

This formula lets you estimate the payback period of additional insulation by plugging in some figures such as the insulation’s R value and your average energy costs. It’s a very helpful tool that can be useful in weighing the various insulation options. In the case of spray foam, while the initial cost may be higher than some other alternatives, many people find that they can recoup their investment fairly quickly because of the likelihood of considerable energy savings.

Spray foam contractors might want to share this formula with their customers to help make this decision easier, as the prospect of dramatic energy savings can certainly be very attractive.