Spray Foam Insulation Benefits For Metal Buildings

foam insulation gunsWhen it comes to metal buildings, Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation can accomplish two primary structural objectives: maintaining the overall interior building temperature and preventing moisture and condensation from developing.

Insulating a metal building is critical because, without insulation, a metal structure cannot retain its necessary heat in the winter, and the roof and walls can transfer solar heat inside during the summer months.

Installers can use closed cell foam insulation, also known as SPF, in metal building construction, as well as for maintenance purposes to seal in air, control condensation, and other related applications.

Why Water and Condensation Are Threats to a Metal Building

At Intech Equipment & Supply, we tell our customers that spray foam insulation is the only effective method for insulating a metal building.

Other traditional insulation methods, such as fiberglass, are not as capable of providing a complete air seal or vapor barrier. This scenario especially holds true during more humid conditions when metal buildings can experience “sweating” that causes water to drip from the ceiling. The resulting moisture can damage a building and encourage mold growth.

Furthermore, moisture can cause rust and corrosion in a metal building. Water inside a metal building can lead to costly damages. Merchandise, machinery, equipment and building occupants’ health are at greater risk when they are constantly exposed to stagnant water. However, with spray foam insulation, you can build a vapor barrier that can prevent condensation from forming.

Peace of Mind: How Metal Building SPF Insulation Helps

As you may know, insulation manages a building’s heat flow, preventing condensation, and controlling sound issues. Proper insulation installation can slow down the movement of heat and retain it inside a metal building in the winter months. Additionally, during the summer, spray foam insulation can help keep the heat outside, reducing energy usage.

Spray foam insulation comes in the form of two liquids that, when you combine them, create a foaming agent. You can spray the foam into the walls of a metal building, beneath floors, and above ceilings where it will expand to fit the space. After you spray SPF, the foam hardens into a solid, cellular plastic containing air-filled cells.

There are two types of SPF insulation: open cell and closed cell. While open-cell can be more affordable, it often requires a thicker application, so it can be ideal if a building’s framing is thick enough.

Alternatively, closed-cell can be extremely effective. In addition to offering a higher R-value per inch, closed-cell foam insulation acts as an adhesive and can increase your building’s overall structural integrity.

Spray foam is also ideal for unusual shapes or areas in a metal building with numerous obstructions.

Ultimately, metal buildings become better when you properly insulate them. Many people prefer to use SPF in their metal buildings as it does not capture moisture as alternative insulations can.

Here are four additional advantages to using SPF in your metal building construction job:

  1. It protects metal buildings from the elements, as well as insects and pests.
  2. It enhances building occupant comfort levels by keeping cold air inside during the summer and warmer air inside during the winter.
  3. It works well in building basements and attics.
  4. You can use it for a variety of industrial needs, including piping, plumbing, holding tanks, and commercial cold storage facilities.

The Bottom Line

A wide range of spray foam systems is available in different densities, and each variety exhibits different temperature limitations, combustibility characteristics, and more. As an SPF contractor, always refer to the spray foam insulation’s manufacturer to determine which spray foam system best suits your specific project.

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