Going Green Can Have Advantages for Home Sellers

spray foam insulationMaking your home more energy efficient can have many benefits, but this is especially true if you are considering selling your home at any point in the near future.

As this article notes, there are several recent or potential initiatives that will help sellers of green properties.

One new trend in the way properties are listed can help a seller promote their home as energy efficient. Many MLS (multiple-listing services) systems across the country now include “green fields” in the online listings for properties. These are sections of the listing where a seller or real estate agent can spotlight certain earth-friendly aspects of the property, such as insulation with high R-value and other energy efficient upgrades. Obviously, this would make the property more attractive to buyers who are concerned about utility bills or energy efficiency.

In addition, there is some legislation in the works that (if passed) would require several major lenders to reward borrowers who are buying energy efficient properties. This will make it easier for sellers of such properties to find a buyer who can obtain favorable financing terms.

One way to greatly improve the energy efficiency of your property is to use spray foam insulation and coating. For contractors who do these projects, Intech Equipment & Supply can provide all of the equipment they need.