Graco Fusion Gun Used in Train Car Restoration

Graco FusionSpray foam insulation is an increasingly popular choice for residential and commercial properties—but it is also sometimes used in more unusual “structures,” as well.

This story tells of a recent project in which spray foam was used not in a building, but in a more mobile variety of structure. A railroad company inGeorgia wanted to refurbish an old mail car and give it new life as a rail car on which visitors could enjoy scenic tours.

As part of the project to refurbish the old train car, the contractors applied spray foam insulation and coating to the walls and roof of the vehicle—both for weatherproofing and to help reduce noise levels from the exterior sounds.

Among the equipment used in this train car restoration project was a Grace Fusion  spray foam gun, which helped the job move more quickly and allowed the crew to work more easily in tight spaces.

While you may never find yourself with the opportunity to work on a train, there’s a good chance that a Graco Fusion gun could be a big help in making many of your jobs proceed more quickly and efficiently.

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