Green Building Market to See Strong Growth

It’s probably no surprise to learn that green building and the industries that support it have been experiencing tremendous growth, and that trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. Anyone who owns or maintains a residential or commercial property knows that utility costs have soared and become a major concern. Cutting utility bills is a top priority for property owners. This is true for the financial benefits, but also for the desire to conserve natural resources and minimize waste.

A report recently released by Reportbuyer illustrates the trend of growth in the green building area. Entitled “Global Green Building Market Outlook 2020,” the report predicts the global green building market will grow by around 13 percent over the next five years. The United States represents the biggest area for growth in green building, but regions of Asia and other parts of the world are also quickly gaining ground on this front.

Among the factors cited by the report as driving the trend toward increased green building are a rising awareness of global warming, government policies and incentives that encourage green tactics, and the affordability and cost efficiency of green buildings.

The firm has also compiled other reports on related topics, including zero energy buildings and the global green building industry.

No doubt, spray foam has played an important role in helping make many of these green building projects possible. It has become increasingly popular as a top choice for energy efficient building and renovation in many regions.

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