Green Trends Great for Spray Foam Industry

Green is in right now. And that means a boom in business for contractors who specialize in helping to make homes and buildings more energy efficient and earth-friendly. As the most recent issue of SprayFoam Insulation and Roofing Magazine notes, the surge of interest in energy efficiency among builders and homeowners has been a great thing for the spray foam industry. A combination of economic factors—such as tax incentives for energy efficient improvements and construction processes—has also contributed to the increasing interest in energy efficient techniques and materials such as spray foam insulation.

This means contractors need to emphasize their spray foam insulation services—and the benefits these services can provide to customers. It also means these contractors need to be sure they can provide these services without any snags and complete jobs quickly and efficiently. To that end, they must have the supplies and equipment needed to perform spray foam installation jobs.

Fortunately, Intech Equipment can make sure you have everything you need. Contact us to order your spray foam insulation and coating equipment.