Harsh Winter Drives Interest in Spray Foam Insulation

spray foam insulationThis winter has been a rough one for many parts of the country—and has brought some (unpleasant) surprises to areas that don’t normally face harsh winter weather conditions. Arctic cold snaps—credited to the now notorious polar vortex—have plagued many regions, leaving people and homes alike struggling to protect themselves from the chill.

Many homeowners and businesses have found that their property was just no match for Mother Nature, and suddenly things have become pretty uncomfortable as the wind and frigid air invades the indoor living space.

As a result, these property owners may have gotten a wakeup call about their insulation (or lack thereof) that was impossible to ignore. Which means they may suddenly have strong motivation to upgrade the insulation and other weatherproofing systems in their property.

This means that contractors who install insulation may find themselves in high demand right about now, as property owners scramble to make their homes and businesses better prepared for extreme winter weather. For these contractors, the ability to seize this opportunity and meet the demand is imperative if they don’t want to lose out on valuable business.

If these contractors lack the materials and equipment needed to complete these jobs, they could encounter delays that could inconvenience and annoy customers—and possibly cause them to go elsewhere.

Fortunately, at Intech Equipment & Supply, we have everything a spray foam insulation and roofing contractor may need to handle these jobs—and we can ensure they get it quickly, to avoid any delays and downtime.