Harsh Winter May Reveal Lurking Roof Problems

commercial roofingOften times, homeowners and companies are not aware of problems with their property until something serious brings the issue to light. For many property owners, this winter the harsh weather and cold temperatures served as that “final straw” which made problems with the roof (and elsewhere) impossible to ignore any longer.

At that point, the property owner needs to do something to fix the problem. If the damage isn’t extensive, they may try to make do with a temporary fix to avoid the cost of a major repair. But it’s often a much better idea to just go ahead and do the full repair as soon as a problem becomes obvious.

In some cases, the property may no longer be up to currently accepted standards. An existing property is usually “grandfathered” and not required to be upgraded until remodeling is done. But just because a property owner isn’t forced to upgrade doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. Bringing a property up to current code is often to the property owner’s benefit. In the case of insulation standards, those guidelines and codes are designed to help homeowners make their properties more energy efficient and comfortable. This helps protect the property and save utility costs.

One financially smart investment when a roof problem arises is to upgrade or replace the roof by adding spray foam roofing and coating, which can greatly improve both the strength and energy-efficiency of the structure’s roof. By creating a durable and weather-resistant membrane, this roofing helps protect the rest of the property from water and wind damage, while also preventing leaks and drafts.

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