High Utility Bills Spell Opportunity for Contractors

Property owners this winter have gotten hit with a double-whammy when it comes to managing their expenses. Many utility companies and fuel suppliers across the country have announced rate increases—in some cases, by quite a bit. At the same time, a very harsh winter has forced people to use more power than normal as they try to keep their property comfortable despite harsh winter conditions.

While they may have started to see the early financial effects of this twofold challenge via initial utility bills, it’s likely that the full impact won’t be felt for a while yet, not until the winter nears an end and total costs for the season can be evaluated. That’s when people may realize that even their best efforts to lower their utility usage can only go so far. Turning a thermostat down a few notches can’t compensate for inadequate insulation or roofing that’s in poor condition.

For contractors, this is a great chance to educate customers while gaining new business at the same time. When you encounter inquiries from homeowners or business owners who are unhappy about their utility costs, take the opportunity to explain the considerable cost savings they could enjoy if they invest in better insulation or roofing—and of course spray foam is a great option to help achieve energy savings.

It would also be helpful to point out that by planning to make these upgrades soon, they can ensure their property is better able to handle the elements before the next harsh winter season comes around.

Obviously, it’s pointless to suggest these upgrades if you lack the equipment needed to perform these jobs for customers. That’s where we can help. We can quickly provide you with everything you need for all of your spray foam jobs. Contact us at Intech Equipment & Supply today to discuss your needs.