Home Improvement Stars Rely on Spray Foam Insulation

Home Improvement Stars Rely on Spray Foam Insulation You might say that spray foam has been enjoying a moment (or way more than that) in the spotlight lately. That is due in large part to its enviable and desirable energy efficient properties, which helps property owners achieve significant savings on utility bills. That is certainly something that almost everyone is hoping to achieve these days, as costs rise and budgets become stretched to the limit.

So it is likely no surprise that spray foam is leading the pack in the insulation and roofing popularity contests these days. But the “starring role” that spray foam has earned in the construction and home improvement industry has taken a literal approach in the form of some major positive publicity and media attention it has received lately.

A star player on the small screen

Spray foam has been featured prominently in many current and recent television shows, particularly those that focus on home improvement. These programs frequently focus on ways to improve old or outdated properties, and there is usually a strong focus on upgrading the home’s major systems to make it more energy efficient.

The contractors and experts on these shows look for ways to help improve the property’s energy efficiency, and are often able to achieve dramatic results demonstrated by major savings in energy usage.

To achieve these results, they must identify the very best materials for providing weather-proofing and creating a tight envelope around the building. This keeps air from entering or escaping the property, while also providing protection from water and the elements. These programs and the personalities on them have virtually unlimited options as far as the choice of which materials they pick. Manufacturers and distributors are likely courting them constantly, eager to have their products features and benefit from the valuable exposure such a mention could generate.

Yet even with all of those options from which to pick, these builders frequently all turn to the same solution for insulation and roofing reinforcement and protection.

Spray foam is a top choice in these situations, as anyone who has watched any of these shows likely know. That’s because its impressive energy-saving characteristics are well known, and it would be tough to find another alternative material that could compete with the potential for utility savings that spray foam offers.

Recent starring examples

You could probably compile a long and nearly endless list of the starring roles that spray foam has had recently. One reference that immediately comes to mind is Mike Holmes. The well-known and respected contractor and home repair expert—who specializes in saving seemingly hopeless properties and repairing mistakes made by bad contractors—is obviously a huge fan of spray foam. Anyone who watches his projects unfold on television is sure to spot the spray foam application process that happens in almost every job. He often raves about the substance’s outstanding R value and its ability to fit into just about any type of space.

In the follow-up installments that revisit the properties after a period of time following the project’s completion, the property owners generally rave about how satisfied they are with the work that was done, and how pleased they were to discover that their property is now so much more comfortable and cost-efficient to maintain.

These home improvement personalities are such big believers in spray foam that they frequently use it when building or renovating their own properties, as well. John Colaneri is the star of the HGTV series “Kitchen Cousins” and is also a home contractor.

He recently built a sprawling and impressive new home in Bergen County, New Jersey. Colaneri and his wife designed the home themselves, and carefully chose each element of its construction. While some elements are clearly designed for show—such as the 35-foot-high ceilings—many other choices were made for practical reasons.

He picked spray foam insulation for its energy-saving properties, as he discusses in this NJ.com story. Along with other measures such as a tankless water heater that provides radiant heat for the home, this allows him to enjoy shockingly low electric bills of just $150 a month for the 4,000 square foot home.

Of course, it isn’t just contractors who star on TV that appreciate the value of spray foam insulation. Countless contractors across the country, along with the budget-conscious customers—have become fans of this popular insulation option.

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