How Foam Insulation Protects Property (and Budgets)

foam insulationYou probably already know about some of the advantages of foam insulation: it’s quicker and easier to apply than some other insulation options, and is also very convenient for use in cracks and tight spaces. Then of course there are the impressive insulating properties of spray foam insulation, which helps reduce energy costs.

However, there’s another important benefit of this type of insulation. FEMA has recommended sprayed closed-cell foam insulation for use in coastal regions and storm-prone areas because it offers flood resistance, and also can improve the strength of structural framing systems and connections. This helps reduce the risk of storm damage, protecting the property and also helping owners avoid weather-related repairs and costs.

Of course, a weather-related disaster can occur anywhere—not just in areas in flood zones or coastal regions—so this is a smart choice for projects in any location.

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