Insulating Customers Against High Utility Costs

Energy costs have always been a big consideration for homeowners and business owners, but this has become increasingly true over the past few years, as the economy crashed and utility costs soared.

But things have gotten even worse for people in many parts of the country over the past year as the weather has caused property owners—and their heating/cooling systems—to struggle to handle the extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Budgets everywhere are being stretched to their limits. Municipalities and utility companies from coast to coast—even including places like Miami and San Antonio that aren’t usually associated with problematic winter weather—have been addressing the issue of high utility costs this season, and in some cases even trying to come up with resources to help residents who are having trouble paying their utility bills.

For contractors, this means that customers are likely very eager to learn about ways in which they can keep their utility costs under control. This is a great opportunity for you to enlighten customers about the energy-efficient benefits of spray foam insulation and coating.

Your customers will likely be thrilled to hear about the potential for significant savings they can expect by choosing spray foam for their insulation needs. By encouraging customers to replace or upgrade their existing insulation with spray foam, you will help protect them from a repeat of this year’s shocking utility bills.

To complete these jobs for customers, you will need to have the necessary spray foam equipment. Fortunately, you can find everything you need at Intech Equipment & Supply.