Insulation Demand Predicted to Increase

Insulation Demand Predicted to Increase A new report indicates that the demand for insulation and related products in this country is expected to continue to rise over the next few years. The Insulation Industry Study recently released by The Freedonia Group offers some interesting insights related to the national need for increased supplies of insulation in the near future.

The report predicts that the U.S. demand for insulation will rise 6.6 percent annually through 2019, eventually reaching a level of $10.3 billion. The rebounding economy and related construction growth will contribute to this pattern. The researchers also cited the adoption of more stringent building codes such as the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

In addition, the growing interest in green building tactics and embracing earthy-friendly strategies also prompt more interest among property owners in taking all possible steps to help decrease their home’s energy consumption. Choosing insulation—and selecting the right type of insulation—can be a major step toward achieving that goal.

The report notes that the residential market is expected to experience the largest gains, encompassing a combination of green building tactics in new construction and an interest among homeowners to consider retrofitting existing homes to make them more energy efficient. Not surprisingly, property owners and builders/contractors are all focused on choosing the insulation option that offers the very best levels of protection, and provides the most potential for reduced energy usage.

Many are coming to the conclusion that spray foam insulation is the best choice for delivering the protection and energy-saving characteristics they need. It can be installed quickly and easily, and is particularly effective at offering a retrofit solution for existing properties, especially those with a lot of hard-to-reach spaces that can be prone to drafts and leaks.

Of course, choosing spray foam as the selection of material to repair or reinforce the roof of the structure can be a great way to establish a valuable additional layer of protection, which can further improve the overall energy efficiency.

This predicted increased demand for insulation materials will likely translate to a corresponding strong demand for insulation services.  Contractors who want to be able to complete these jobs efficiently will need to make sure their job sites are fully equipped with everything they need. They can quickly get all of the spray foam equipment and roofing supplies required at Intech Equipment & Supply.