Insulation Roofing Helps Prevent Ice Dams

ice damThe winter season can bring many weather-related challenges and problems. The cold temperatures—combined with ice and snowfalls that could be significant in some areas—can cause all sorts of issues. For property owners, a big worry is the potential damage that can be caused by the elements during winter.

One major concern for homeowners and businesses during this cold season is the potential for ice dams to form on the roof of their property. This is a very common winter hazard, one that has the capability of causing costly loss.

An ice dam is a solid line or ridge of ice that forms on a roof, usually along the edge or in front of a corner, which causes snow to pile up. The snow can become heavy and put a lot of strain on the roof surface. In addition, when melting snow becomes pools of standing water, this presents a significant risk of leaks. This can cause water damage inside the structure, and may also destroy some of the belongings inside.

Needless to say, this is something that property owners are eager to avoid. They can greatly reduce the risk of ice dams by carefully maintaining their roof and closely monitoring it for any signs that ice dams may be forming. Those are steps that can certainly help, but they are reactive tactics. It is far more efficient to take proactive measures that can go a long way in preventing conditions that can allow ice dams to form in the first place.

An ice dam forms when heat from the inside of the home or building raises the temperature of the roof—which, when contrasted to the cold temperatures outside—causes water to melt rapidly. Preventing ice dams boils down to a very basic solution: keeping the surface of the roof cool, to prevent the rapid warmups that can cause these ice ridges to form.

Insulation can serve as a valuable and effective tool in helping to prevent ice dams. By insulating the floor underneath the attic, property owners can keep the air underneath the roof cool. To achieve the best possible results, this must be done in conjunction with other steps, such as properly ventilating the attic space.

Spray foam is a terrific choice for an insulation roofing solution. This material can form an airtight barrier below the attic, which keeps the warm air from the other parts of the home from accessing that space.

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