Key Advantages of Polyurethane Spray

Used for insulation and sealing purposes, polyurethane spray—also known as spray foam—has become a staple of many construction and remodeling projects.

If you are experienced at doing jobs involving spray foam, you are already probably very familiar with the benefits of this product. From your own viewpoint as a construction professional, you know that it is relatively easy and convenient to install.

But of course there are also many benefits for your customers, so it’s a good idea for you to stress these positive aspects of spray foam to your clients. Obviously, the high insulation values are a big plus—especially these days when everyone is concerned with saving money and cutting energy costs.

Spray foam’s excellent ability to keep water, air and moisture out are also attractive characteristics, as this helps protects the property from water damage and other problems caused by the elements. (In addition, it can keep allergens and other pollutants out of the home or building.)

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