KidMania in Texas Used Spray Foam Equipment

Image courtesy of National Coatings

Insulation isn’t child’s play. But sometimes it can make a play area safer, more comfortable and more energy efficient. All of those were certainly major goals during a recent project in Plano, Texas. But this was no ordinary playground. A company called KidMania was building a 26,000-square-foot facility and needed an effective and economical way to insulate the huge building.

As with any big construction project, time and money were critical factors. They needed the project to be done quickly and within their budget constraints. Spray foam seemed like the obvious choice for the insulation material that would best meet all of the company’s needs.

Kid Mania enlisted the help of Rhino Linings, an insulation contractor. It wasn’t an easy job, especially considering the building had 30-foot ceilings. The job site would soon contain two spray foam rigs, several crews and numerous other pieces of spray foam equipment.

While you may never need to insulate a massive play complex, projects of all types and sizes require the right spray foam equipment. Whether you need rigs, reactors, spray foam guns or any other type of equipment, you can get it quickly and at the right price from Intech Equipment & Supply.